Try one of our unique services to improve your athletic performance. Type A Athletics aims to build athletes who are physically fit to win, mentally tough, confident, and consistently performing at a high level. 

Personal Training

Work 1-on-1 with Coach Ben to improve sports specific skills, speed & agility, core strength, and mental toughness. Ben's extensive knowledge of performance training will give athletes the ability to perform at a high level on a consistent basis. 


These sessions can last 1hr, 1.5hr, or 2hr. One unique option that can be added to this service is film study using HD cameras to track every movement of the session. This tool allows for immediate visual reference that demonstrates what areas need improvement in an athlete's performance.

KettleShell Online Programs



In collaboration with KettleShell, Type A Athletics has produced a line of top tier strength programs with specific goal interests while utilizing their unique and amazing product!


Program specialties include: Primer, Max Explosiveness, Rotational Strength, Fat Burner, Low Back Protector


All programs complete with full warm up and cool down protocol.


Type A Program includes: PDF Strength Program, PDF written descriptions of exercises, mp4 video demonstrations of all exercises. All multi-media packages sent through email.


Head over to to learn more about these awesome programs!

Group Training


Join in on one of Type A Athletics' Beach Speed sessions, Band-Sanity sessions, or organize a group of your own for a personalized experience! Group training is a great way to improve performance in a positive and supportive environment. 


Group sessions can last 1hr, 1.5hr, or 2hr. If interested, group session can be filmed, individual film study must be scheduled separately. 

Online Strength Training Consulting


Use Type A Athletics Consulting services to receive elite athlete strength training at any location.


Utilize our online consulting services to purchase a Type A Athletics strength program from wherever you may live. Programs complete with warm up and cool down protocol. 


Programs can be custom made for specific goals.


Online programs come in the form of multi-media packages including: Printable PDF Strength Program, printable PDF written instructions for exercises, mp4 video demonstration of all exercises. All multi-media packages sent through email


On-Site Consultation


On-site consulting services will take Type A to you and help set up training programs in your facilities or school fitness centers. Programs are custom made to fit goals and training needs.