Testimonials from Coaches, Parents, Athletes, and Colleagues of Coach Ben and Type A Athletics.





Ben Mendelson was a coach on my staff at Ithaca College for two years.  He was extremely reliable and dedicated to the success of our football team. He paid attention to detail in everything he did and his work ethic was second to none. I can say as a young coach he made a positive impact on the  players he coached and the staff that he worked with.

Mike Welch

2014 AFCA President

Ithaca College Head Football Coach (1994-present)

Ben practices what he preaches.  His demonstrations of exercises are outstanding.  He has worked with me the last couple of years during the summer training our high school athletes.  His ability to teach is outstanding. Ben is a great student of the game of strength and conditioning training.  He is always working on ways to help develop athletes. Ben is an up and coming star in the field of strength and conditioning.

Coach Don Forti, MS, CSCS, RSCC*E

Fitness Center Coordinator

Wisconsin Football Coaches Hall of Fame

University School of Milwaukee

Playing 5 years of collegiate football, I had to stay in great shape and train at high level in order to play at a high level on the field. After graduating from school, I wasn’t quite sure how to still train at a high level...So I turned to Coach Ben, knowing his expertise in strength and conditioning and specifically football specific workouts. He initially provided me with a 12-week program, as if I were preparing for a football season. The results I saw were outstanding...I told Ben I felt as if I would be ready to play another football season and that I may be in better shape then when my coaches provided me with the offseason workouts. Coach Ben is not afraid to challenge you and think outside the box. I recommend his training system to any aspiring athlete or person who wants a challenging workout to get in great shape.

Josh Liemer

Former Ithaca College (NCAA DIII) Bomber Football Free Safety

Graduate Student - Syracuse University



Ben crafted a series of kinetic and cerebral workouts over the summer for my high school football playing son that improved his speed, agility and mind.  His attention to detail and ability to graphically communicate with my son allowed him to maximize the exercises and ramp up the intensity. Ben filmed my son's running mechanics at his first session and his last one. The improvement was evident in both how he ran and his 40 time. More important, he was able to integrate what he learned from Ben into his game on the football field and show more burst and power.  We definitely will be coming back once the season ends for even more intense training sessions.

Mike Roy

Brookfield, WI

Our family just finished our 2nd year working with Ben...The last 2 years have been such a rewarding journey that we both get excited when the season ends because we have the privilege of working with Ben in the "off season". As a parent, my son's health, happiness and dreams are characteristics I value most in my life. Ben is an incredible Coach and trainer, more importantly he is a high character person that is an extradionary role model for my teenage son. His positive, upbeat attitude has helped my sone transform his speed, agility and strength in a profound fashion.


Our 40 time was reduced by 37% while increasing our squat/deadlifts to just under 300lbs. Additionally the coaching and guidance Ben provided steered my son through a position change that started at sixth string as a freshman and finish 1st string jv and 2nd string varsity as a sophomore. These metrics only matter, because the most important advancements were in his happiness and sense of self satisfaction that he earned through his hard work with Coach Mendelson!!! Working with Ben continues to be of great value and privilege for our family!!


Jim Miller

Waukesha, WI